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Im looking at Odom's ROUTE book, and the very last chapter is called "branch office routing", which talks about VPNs and some of the ideas from ISCW.

In Odom's Exam Objectives, there is a section on Branch Office Routing...but the latest exam objectives from Cisco don't show anything about this.

Was this topic moved somewhere else, or is it still in ROUTE and Cisco needs to catch up with Odom?


  • Bl8ckr0uterBl8ckr0uter Inactive Imported Users Posts: 5,031 ■■■■■■■■□□
    The route objectives do mention GRE tunnels and vpn technologies. Here is the section that mentions this:

    Implement Layer 3 Path Control Solution

    • Create a Layer 3 path control implementation plan based upon the results of the redistribution analysis
    • Create a Layer 3 path control verification plan
    • Configure Layer 3 path control
    • Verify that a Layer 3 path control was implemented
    • Document results of a Layer 3 path control implementation and verification plan
    • Implement basic teleworker and branch services
    • Describe broadband technologies
    • Configure basic broadband connections
    • Describe basic VPN technologies
    • Configure GRE
    • Describe branch access technologies

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