Any particular version of linux recommended for Linux+ ?

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I used to run FreeBSD and am still a huge fan of it - I've got a spare box and am thinking of throwing a linux distro on it... any recommendations?
I am thinking SUSE, Mandrake or Red Hat....

I plan on writing Linux+ in May or June (give myself time to refresh my grey matter).



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    I would think SuSe would be the best option as I see Novell making a pretty good case for a decent supported distro for the big boys. Plus thier business desktop is cool.

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    I suggest redhat fedora core3.
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    I used redhat....remember that this is a vendor neutral / entry level linux if you know the basics you should be good...know your hardware configurations..

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    hc2ab wrote:
    I suggest redhat fedora core3.

    I wouldn't use FC3, if you are going to use FC I would suggest FC2 as it is more stable to work with then FC3, or if your really into it I would use Gentoo or Slackware 10.1.

    But any distro should do, just as long as you use the command line for everything, don't get used to using the GUI, stick with the command line.
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