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Hi All,
Greetings!! :)

1-Can anyone tell me the easiest way to attempt EBGP exam section. I mean to say which part i should do first to avoid blockage of routes/ avoiding any confusion? which hierarchy i should follow in order to achieve successful results.

2- How to handle EBGP policy order in more efficient way?

3- Anyone has any test lab that is different from book case study?



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    this is a pretty broad question with no real answer. i think a lot of this has to do with what you are most familiar and comfortable with. everyone has their own order of operations and style, and what works for me, may not work for you and may set you back even further.

    when it comes to policies, some people like to create one policy per peer, and build up all the requirements into that policy in one shot.

    i liked making a bunch of policies, put them on all the routers, and then just chain together the ones that i need at that time for the peer.

    no matter which way works for you, keep in mind your ordering and your accepts and denies. don't delete communities at the start and then try to match on them later ;)
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    Yup. there's no real answer. everyone has difference approach.

    Mine i did all ebgp peering first, including any special neighbor configuration, load balancing, authentication, logging etc.

    next is import policies according to the requirement.

    last is aggregation and export policies

    Verify each step!

    i guess you are preparing for JNCIP?
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    no matter how you do it.... a gratuitous amount of sh bgp sum is always a good idea ;)

    hmmm. some event scripts might be cool to setup. that's gotta count for bonus points ;) but really, best defense is a good offense, better to spend time doing it right than making what-if scripts.

    that reminds me though, i always kinda wanted to do 90% of the exam using apply groups so you don't see the config with a simply show config, but instead need to do a show config | display inheritance. i think that'd be cool with the right proctor. get the wrong guy and it may cost a lot of points out of spite. i still think it would be awesome to do :) if someone pulls that off, the finest celebratory glasses of scotch are on me.
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