remotely removing Exchange 2003 delegates

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I'm wondering if there is a tool or a command I can issue to remove an exchange delegate

I have an executive who is hard to pin down due to allot of travel

so I was thinking even though we added a delegate to his outlook. Using tools > options ...etc there might be a way I'm' not aware of to remove that delegate with out getting on his PC or setting up his mail box on my laptop.

so does anyone know a way I can make changes to the delegates given my scenario

worst case I will set it up on my laptop but I was thinking their might be a smarter way to do it


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    Isn't that option exposed in ADUC when you have exchange tools installed? It's been a while but I think I remember seeing it
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    i recall it being there --> "Send on Behalf Of" in exchange general tab.

    publicDelegates, publicDelegatesBL are the attribs to look for if scripting it.
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