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Is there a place I can go and read about this in some detail? Some best practices were covered in cisco, but I'm interested in covering my bases for stuff that might come up in ccnp-level interviews that maybe wasn't touched on in too much detail by the certification process...


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    SRND's!!!! read them..Know them...icon_thumright.gif
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    best pratices for a interview don't count on it. I have been at few places that implemented rules to the tee. Most places have a "this is how we do it policy" I would say best bet is to have a good knolowdge of whats covered in the exams and expert knowlowdge of CCNP level task you do at your job.
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    Most interviews are fluff. There are some good managers out there who actually care about what you know, and what you've done, but for the most part, they want to get a warm fuzzy from you, personally. Will he/she fit in with the team, will they like it here, will we like them here, etc. Know what you know, know what you've done/what you do, and work on your interpersonal skills. Surprise, its still a popularity contest...
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    Interviews are all about selling yourself. Most hiring managers have a basic understanding of what you do. Confidence (not cockiness) and a proven track record of performance are important. On a side note, one person that I know thought he was going to have a cushy interview at one of the top search engine companies....well it turned into an eight hour interview in the lab.

    So really, until you show up, you never really know what the interview is going to be like.
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