Just passed the Network+

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I just the Network+ exam. I passed. A lot of troubleshooting questions. Know the ports, and tools used to troubleshoot a network as well as the protocols. icon_lol.gif


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    nice work... :)
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    Congrat. Its a great job :)
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    Good job on the passing score! :D Thanks for the tip, I'm taking my Network+ this Tuesday. So msrobin what cert are you going after now?
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    Congrats and well done! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats, what's next on the list of certifications? I'll write the Network+ this Tuesday 26th as well. Tired of looking at these Network+ books lying around on my desk and on the couch, want to get it over and done with, so I can study some new material and obtain more certs to add to my CV. icon_smile.gif
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    I have heard that term twice now, what is a CV?
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    It is what you refer to as a resume. In Europe it's called a CV, which is Curriculum Vitae (latin, so not sure if I spelled that correctly ;)).
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    squawk1500 wrote:
    I'm taking my Network+ this Tuesday.quote]
    I passed today with a 793/900 icon_confused.gif Some of the troubleshooting questions were kind of confusing. I had one drag and drop and never got the, "choose all that apply." It was like a cisco exam were it says,"pick two." I had almost an hour left when I was finished. The only way I studied for it was by reading the technotes from this site. Thanks webmaster it was a big help. Next thing for me now is the 70-270, after that I'll start working on my CCDA. Kind of cool CCNA and Network+ in 15 days. icon_lol.gif
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    Congrats, great to know the techexams notes work pretty well :)

    I'll be getting them for security certification icon_wink.gif
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