2007 or 2010 Exchange Certs - Seeking Advice

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After some advice regarding Exchange Certs.

Currently I have MCSE 2003, have done 70-649 and going to take 70-647 shortly. Have been working in the industry for about 8 years now. Just started a new job which is seeing me work on many customer accounts all with exchange 2003-2007. I have done the 2003 Exchange exams years back but my knowledge is very lacking in exchange due to not using it often. I want to study and get certified in this now but am confused as to whether i go down the 2010 path or do 2007.

After opinions/advise from anyone out there that has done these exams.

Also any lab setup advice would be great also. Just setup a new pc at home for this purpose Core i7 860, 8gb ram, 4TB Raid 5 etc.. so should be sufficient to run at least 5+ full 64bit 08 server’s.


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    Since you're working with 2007 as part of your job I would start there, the changes for 2010 build nicely on-top of that but learning enough Exchange 2007 to do the MCTS/MCITP will put you in a better position immediately with your day job.
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    I was asking that question myself a few months ago and i think the option must be 2007 -> 2010. if you're already working with 2007, starting with 2007 is the best way to go.
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    I'm another one in the boat of learning 2007 then moving on to 2010.

    If you really want to learn 2010 throw it on a box and play it with so you can say that at least you have some experince with it.
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    I would do the MCTS 2007 and play with it for a while, then move on to 2010 and do the full path to ITP on the latest version
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