disc reading problems

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I'm having problems getting my cd drives to read certain discs. It has been unable to read certain dvds and more importantly, my Visual Studio.net install discs.

Some information that may or may not be helpful
I've tested these discs on another machines that is running same OS and they worked fine.

I've got two cd drives and have tested on both and met with no success.

Upgraded BIOS a little while ago...not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Windows updates performed.

Disc type?: DVD 106

Drive 2: SONY CD-RW CRX140E

Any ideas? Do you need anymore information?


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    It could be the brand of disk. It is unusual for an original disk to not be read, but not unheard of....

    Are you able to make a backup copy and test it?


    1. When did you notice this problem? ie, did you recently add one of the drives and the problem started?

    2. What happens if you disconnect one drive? Will the other now read? i.e. take the system back to the most simple state and see if there is a hardware conflict which may not be apparent otherwise.

    3. Could be bad ram (rare, but I have had it happen, changed the ram, problem resolved).

    4. Power supply? What size is it? Is it rated for what you are currently running? ie. Newer P4 systems (915/925 chipsets) require a min 300W PS with 16-18A on the +12v.....HOWEVER, Graphic Card MFG are typically requiring a min of 350W PS...so if you have Atapi devices as well as GC and other cards, may not have enough power (also, disconnecting drives may see the improvement indicating you need to upgrade the PS).

    5. System overheating? How's the airflow?

    6. Clean the drives. Canned air or CD cleaner may help.

    7. Are you seeing the drives in the BIOS?

    8. Is it just an install issue? Can you see the disk? Perhaps your account does not have the proper permissions (admin vs. power user) to install? (long shot...but possible).
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    Power supply or system board. Try removing power and ide from one of the drives and see if that clears it up.
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    thanks for responses. i tried to make a copy of it but it wasn't possible for some reason. i ultimately ended up trying to install it on anther computer just to see if it would work. it did so i borrowed the drive from the computer and put it on mine and successfully installed the program using the borrowed drive.

    so, i guess its time to buy a new cd drive. i guess thats cool. i like upgrading anyway :)

    thanks again for responses
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