Both exams at once??

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I have been working with a few books / sample questions and almost finished with the Hardware section. Should I master this, pass, then move on to the OS section? I'm planning on having both done by July 1 since I'll be going back to finish my AAS.

Any help would be great!!!



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    The way I am going to do it is, study hard for the hardware and pass it first. I know most of the stuff and all I need to do is just memorize some thinngs and refresh a few others. In a month I plan on passing the hardware. Then, I will study hard for a month or so on the OS and take it. That way I am not trying to learn to much at once.

    Good Luck!
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    Usually, you would study for both at once to start. Then, as you get more prepared, you can split your studies a bit to concentrate on each exam specifically.
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    I sat the Harware first and then took the software a month later. If you split it...I think the material stays fresh and its much easier. But if you can do both at the same time...more power to ya! Good luck.
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