NT4 MCSE from Vegas

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Hello Everyone. I just joined the board, but have been following it for about 6 months. I've been in IT since 96' but recently lost my local government IT job in Vegas. I worked there a little over three years and hadn't updated any of my certs.

A month before I was laid off, I took the VMware vSphere class. I's been working with MS Networks since 96, so I kinda relied on experience and Technet for knowledge updating. I was our lead windows/vmware admin with a 2500 user network with about 215 Windows Servers. I went on a cert binge...

Certs before March 2010

A+ , MCSE NT4, MCP+Internet, MCSA 2000

Certs as of July 2010


Currently working on 70-284 and 70-236.

My lab consists of:

2 x NetGear Managed switches
2 x NetGear NonManaged switches
Linksys DualBand 1gb wireless router
1 PowerEdge 2850 Dual 3.2GHz, 6GB, 2x36GB, 4x73GB, Dual NICs, "ESXi Host1"
1 Custom ASUS Server with Quad AMD 2.8MHz, 8GB, 64GB SSD, 120GB HD, 4GB USB Stick, Quad NICs, "ESXi Host2"
1 Custom LanPartyJr TripleCore AMD 2.8GHz, 8GB, Windows 7, 4TB of Storage, 64 SSD, 3 NICs, VMware Workstation, Also has Dual ATI Cable Card Tuners for 2 XBOX 360 as Media Extenders
Last but not least Technet Plus subscription.

I've been able to install and configure my labs with ease and keep the wife happy with Cable working through the Xbox. I'm currently interview for a couple of positions, but nothing concrete yet. I did turn down an offer last week because of starting salary and it was in Reno 7hrs from my wife.

I'm ready to go back to work, but I'm not wasting my time since I'm labbing everyday and apply for jobs. Oh well, I've had time to catch up on some certs and a vacation. I think I'm doing Security+ after Exchange certs, so I'll be eligible for Government Contrator jobs. Well it's been good chatting. Keep up with the great info. Thanks.



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    MCP+I. Wish I would have gotten that and the MCSE+I.

    Good luck.

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    Welcome to TE. I've been in Vegas since 92 and can't wait to get out of this place. Good luck with your plan, Im currently prepping for Sec+ too.
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