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I'm looking for some input concerning Net+ and CCNA. I've heard that if you have CCNA you really won't benefit from having Net+ since Cisco is considered a more advanced cert.

My long term goal is to specialize in Linux and system administration and I would like to bang out A+, Linux+, and Sec+ before the years end just for the sake of the lifetime shelf life for CompTia.

I'm re-reviewing CCNA after failing twice and am kind of reluctant to take the exam again. Guess I'm scared of failing again after months of study.


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    If you've failed the CCNA twice then I'd just suggest studying and testing for the Network+ and then applying that knowledge for about a year and then re-testing for the CCNA. The CCNA is more advanced than the Net+, but look at the Net+ as a stepping stone towards the CCNA instead of as a lesser certification.
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    Net+, assuming you get it this year, is for life. It will always pad the resume. It is also a buzzword HR people may be looking for, so when you put in an application on careerbuilder, monster, or whatever...that will be there for employers to filter you with. As the above stated, you gotta start somewhere.
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