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Hi guys. Im trying to figure out how to make a bootable network client disk so i can do a remote install of Win2000 over the network. So far I have made some progress, but I am in need of some assistance.

My disk that i have created with NCADMIN.EXE from WinNT has done most of the work for me. I have modified some of the files to use my Intel Pro100 driver that i have also copied to the disk.

The boot disk boots fine with no errors until the very end. When it trys to run the command "A:\NET\NET START" and i get the error "ERROR 2202: THE USER NAME OR GROUPNAME PARAMETER IS INVALID." and I get the same error when my NET USE commands try to map a drive to my distribution location on my WinXP machine. I figured it was an authentication problem so i added the /USER:USERNAME PASSWORD switch but then i get an error "THE OPTION "USER:USERNAME" IS UNKNOWN" (username) being the user on my XP computer.

is there anyway to verify that the pc is getting an IP? Perhaps the problem is with the network driver. Unsure... It does however say that all the commands were completed successfully.

Thanks for any help. I have learned alot so far and hope to get it completly functional.


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    dont i need to be on the network with my pc before i can do that?
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    Ok RIS Requirements are

    -Active Directory

    Means Ris can be only done when you got a windows 2000 or 2003 server. You can make the Network boot disk with the RBFG.exe utlilitie from the Xp cd, Incase you network card isn't a PXE network card

    Windows Nt4 Server don't support AD. Its A flat Database. And Nt4 use PDC & BDC
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    Thanks for the info guys. I will continue to work on this when i get home this weekend. I will let you know when i have figureded this out. Then i may be asking for help on the answer file ;)
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    Sounds like a broadcast problem, enable netbios and check wins....since then you will ensure that the client gets an Ip address...winnt uses more wins than dns, so I would use that service.
    What next?
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    I was under the assumption your were already running 2000 or 2003 server. Basically my point was why do you need a network bootdisk when you can use RIS. Thanks for clearing it up cliffjag
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