Cellphone Security?

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I'm recently studying for the CompTIA security+ exam and after reading the chapter regarding wireless networks. It seems like my reading material is pretty much telling me, currently it's hard as hell to secure wireless networks.

This brings me to my question, for wireless cell phones, how are those secured? Wouldn't it be possible for someone to create an application you can load onto your phone to listen in on calls? Since most new phones can run java apps on them.
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    Ahhh - cell phones are wide open to abuse.
    Just think of the kids who got Paris Hiltons contact list. There are cases happening every day where voice mail is being hacked as well.
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    Well I heard that paris hilton's sidekick wasn't actually hacked. They just got the password to her web account by answering the secret question "What's her dogs name" which is something google can easily tell you.

    But I was curious about during live talk. Can people eavesdrop on what your talking about? I mean if 802.11 packets/radio waves can be sniffed so easily with programs like airsnort. Why wouldn't it be the same with mobile phones?
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    Ok, I thought with all this EVDO, 1xRRT and all that cell phone jargon that it was extremely hard to hack based on sniffing and other means......

    Isnt the signal encrypted, tower hops, diff. frequencies and stuff?

    But form personal experience everyone in our building has a blue, reb, yellow berry or pda with some kinda blue tooth and anyone can browse there devices/files/contacts of an unknowing user. So I just think thats its "The user, and not the device".
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