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Hello there ,

What are the chances to find an IT job in the UK for a 21 year-old person who has a ccna and a ccnp (in the future) , 3 year experience in maintaining networks ...I think that having a university diploma of computer science is not mandatory....(I say that because my university diploma has nothing to do with computers (i am a graduate of law school))
Do I really need to acquire a postgraduate in computers?I don't think so ,
am I right? thanks


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    NO, all you need is to starting working and try to get the right foot in the door so to speak.
    What next?
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    I recently just arrived in the UK from Australia and currently working and living in London. I'm not sure what of the UK your from but I was surprised at how much work in London there is for IT people. Mind you I've been in IT for a while now (7 years) and got a few certs.

    Still I'm earning good money and enjoying the change in lifestyle (not the weather though). I have a Diploma but no Bachelors degree and I think that helps, especially in large corporations or public sector who are traditional types who like tertiary education levels, as well as certs.
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    I am not from UK , but from Greece and I know many people who returned form UK with the best impressions as far as jobs are concerned.
    My real problem is that the rents in London are extremely high!
    Here you rent a home at an average price of 300euros but in uk it's much more....
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    I pay about 300 pound a week for a 1 bed flat. But I get paid 350 pound a day on my contract so the extra in rent is not a problem as the extra pay I get more than covers it. I was paying about $160 a week back home but I was only getting paid about $250 a a day. See, it works out in your favour.
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