Help with Windows XP Bridging feature

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Having a few problems this past weekend that just has me stumped icon_rolleyes.gif

I have a Linksys Wireless Router connected to my Cable Modem and 1 PC that is wired. Internet works fine.

I also have 4 other computers that are approximately 35 feet away from where the wireless router is. I installed a Netgear wireless usb adapter in one of the computers ... It works, I get Internet on that machine.

As soon as I bridge the connection on the machine with the wireless adapter and then plug the other NIC into a 5 port switch (to get Internet to the other 3 computers) I cannot get anything. It won't get an IP address from the DHCP server (the wireless router).

Things I've tried:
Disabled all firewalls
Tried manually setting the ip configuration on the bridging machine.
Cussed and hit my table icon_redface.gif

Other stuff:
5-port switch is a Linksys workgroup switch.
All the computers plugged into the switch get the nice 100 mbps icon in XP, but it has an exclamation point next to them that says "Network or Internet connectivity might not be available".

Anyone have an idea how I can make this work? It is really annoying, I'm assuming what I am trying to do is possible? Or do I need to go buy an Access point to plug into the switch? icon_mad.gif

Thanks for looking.


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