what can i do next????

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Hi i need some advice please, i am currently working for a company as it helpdesk administrator. I am getting experience in this field and i have approx one and half years. i have recently passed my net+ and have done mcp. what can i do now to improve my career as i want to stay in the networking enviroment. passing net+ i feel i do need to use my skills a bit more



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    If your wanting to stay in the networking end of it I was suggest going on to get your MCSA/E. You could all so check into Cisco's networking certs. Having the Net + is not going to get you a great job. That cert is vender neutral and IMO very easy.

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    Do the mcdst cert, it will give you credit to mcsa 2000. Im presuming you have passed one of the following: xp or 2000 pro. You will then need 215 and 218 to be an entry level mcsa but then you can jump on the upgrade wagon to 2003 or continue to mcse 2000.
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    I would go for the MCSA next. After that MCSE, Sec+ or CCNA would be a good next step depending on the direction you want to go.

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