CBT Nuggets for Security+

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Well, I got these and I'm debating if I should still read this book I bought. Security+ DVD/Training Guide by Syngress.

I've already read the Mike Meyers Passport to security+. I know people recommend more then one material, which I have three total. Doing two for sure the CBT Nuggets and the Mike Meyers Passport to security book.

Do you guys think I'll need to read the last book? How do you rate the CBT nuggets for security+. I heard some good things regarding the CCNA CBT Nuggets they had.
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    I hear a lot of good things about the Security+ Nuggets, less about Mike's guide and a lot good about the Syngress guide. Even if you don't read it entirely, I would at least read up on the key parts of the exam (based on exam objectives and the % per domain) and go through the chapter summaries. You can always skip what you know already, but I'm sure reading the Syngress book will give you better coverage for the exam. Also considering you got the passport and not the AIO of Mike's book, you will find additional details in the syngress book.
    I always recommend CBT nuggets or Learnkey and don't forget Tcat if you can hold of this one too.


    Good Luck
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