how to relink a vm to Infras Client?

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hey guys

I am just learning VM Infrastructure client. We have ver 2.5.

Okay, I backed up some vms from the datacenter to my local PC.
Okay. Something went wrong with a vm. So I said to myself cool
I have a backup. So I deleted the files inside the vm instance
folder in the datacenter browse window. So I thought if I
copy all the files back into the folder on the Vmserver it will
just poweron when I click poweron.WRONG. says it cant file
the file. WTH!?????

this cannot be this hard. what am I doing wrong.
Do I have to be Certified in VMWare to understand how to recover a vm server from backing up all the vm files???


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    If you copied all the files back into the datastore, you can browse to the .vmx file, right click, add to inventory
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    Not sure if this works but, select the "Custom" option when using the new virtual machine wizard to create a new VM and select the option to use an existing virtual disk. Use the existing virtual disk you backed up.
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    Hey thanks guys. I am learning vm 3.5 and infrastructure client 2.5

    Is it safe to assume that when you browse the datacenter and upload
    all the files in a specific vm folder to the client machine you run Inf Client from.
    that you can recover the entire vm just by uploading all the files from the client you are on to the vmware 3.5 datacenter? and relink(add to inventory).
    Will this work? I mean I have seen VCB scripts just to back up vms what a hassle. Yeah we have Evault system backup and it does backup our systems, but..Hey can I use Conversion Tool that vm has to backup vms to a usb drive?
    It looks possible but any drawbacks? I think I can use the converter tool to backup vms we only have like 10 of them on our vm server. So I want to back them up. They are only gateway servers and no data kept uptodate is really crucial. So I want toback them all up to a usb drive in addition to our Evault backup system. So can I use the tool. Soon I will have my practice vm station up and running but wanted your guy's opinion. thanks
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