Bleh! Failed

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With a score of 568.

I ran into things I was not prepared for -- rights for nested folders and about 10 questions (2 sims) dealing with running a web site on W2K3. Anyone know of any good information dealing with running a website on W2K3?

On the plus side, I found a great Prometric testing site in Melville, NY; clean and quiet.

Back to the drawing board; thank goodness for Microsoft's newest round of Second Shot.



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    I know they are expensive, but you should check out the CBT Nuggets. James Conrad does an excellent job with the 290 and 291. It gave me that bump because I was lacking the experience. Seeing him poke around and explain things really helped me. Plus I find watching him talk about it is easier (and faster) than reading a 300-400 page book.

    Good luck with your next attempt, stay positive.
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    You can use MS Technet as well, it's a wealth of info. There are free Virtual labs and webcasts on there as well. You really need to do good on each test, the next test will build on the previous one, and I also agree with Devil about CBTNuggets. Preplogic, TestOut, CBTNuggets, Transcender are all good resources too.

    You should try and set up a virtual lab on a system, using VirtualBox, VMWare, or VirtualPC from MS. If you plan on going for the MCSA/MCSE certs, it would be best to start building your lab now, you will need it for 291 on up.

    Technet on SRV 2003:

    Mainpage ( look at the lower left hand side, you will see the links for virtual labs and such):
    -WIP- (70-294 and 297)

    Once MCSE 2k3 completed:

    WGU: BS in IT, Design/Management

    Finish MCITP:EA, CCNA, PMP by end of 2012

    After that, take a much needed vacation!!!!!
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