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First of all, i would like to say hi to you all, and especially hi to the webmaster(s) for a great job of this site - very educational! i have been on a few times but never actually registered!

Anyway, a bit about me - im 22 Years old born, bread and still live in Port Glasgow, Scotland, currenlty doing MCSE 2003 and on my first course (XP OS). I have BSc Computer & Network Support. Im working for a software company at the moment doing all the IT Support including Networking , desktop Support, VOip etc and have been here for 3 1/4 years.

I really want to move to the US to gain work, but seriously dont know where to start, i know im a long long way off it at the moment, but was wondering if anyone knows or knows someone who has been in a similar situation. If and when i get a VISA what does general IT Techie jobs get paid (average)? and what qualifications do they look for. I have no prefered state to be honest, i would just love the opp to work in the US and gain some personal experience.

Thanks in advance


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    You will need to be hired under the visa-sponsor criteria. Your wages are as competitive as any other US citizen, the only requirement is that you must work for the company 2-3 years or whatever is specified.
    What next?
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    My old roomate from college was from the UAE and majored in MIS and he know works for Progressive in Cleveland, OH. They seem to be a good company to work. They are good about sponsoring.
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