Troubleshooting problems in the exam

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I dont have any hands on troubleshooting experience, I know virtually all the facts and figures you need to know to pass the exam, its just the common sence ones on troubleshooting I failed on, the ones you cant really study. Can any one suggest some tips??


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    I will tell you what I did in order to learn troubleshooting. I got several computers that people did not won't , usually because the computer or computers did not work right and took them apart to see how they worked and studied up on every single part in the computer until I understood the workings of each part and how it related to every other part in the computer. I have yet to find a Book that can tell you that information you just have to do it.
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    get the word out to your friends, relatives and neighbours that you are learning to repair computers. don't expect to receive any money though
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