Passing the MCDST???

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two questions.....

If I pass the mcdst will that give me MCP status?

if I pass the mcdst should I still take the 70-270 exam??

thanks for your help in advance??


  • jmc724jmc724 Member Posts: 415
    Passing any ms mcp exam with a minimum pass of 700 grants the test taker MCP credential.
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  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    If you pass MCDST, and you are interested in MCSA, take 270. It covers XP, which you should already know pretty well for MCDST. Also, MCDST counts as an elective toward MCSA.
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  • wickedkin6s44wickedkin6s44 Member Posts: 29 ■■□□□□□□□□
    go for your mcdst its doesn't seem that bad.

    i'm working on mine right now. will test on 70-271 this weekend and 70-272 next weekend.

    i did my 70-270 last week and it wasn't that bad scored a 936 and was like y not get my mcdst its just two test and since i did the xp test already it shouldn't be too bad. right? icon_rolleyes.gif if you know 70-270 the mcdst test shouldn't be too bad. similar material

    goodluck on what you decide on.
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