Passed :-D

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OK, after a lot of worry and stress induced mainly by reading this forum I took and passed the CCNAW yesterday. IMO the reports here of the difficulty of this exam and the suggeston by some that you need the equipment are incorrect. This was the easiest Cisco exam I have taken so far, MODERATED. I would infact go as far as to say that the exam was dissapointing, given the effort I put in studying for it but it's not a bad thing to know the material well, so nothing lost there.

What I used to pass was The official Cisco exam guide (many mistakes and correcting the book from the eratta takes time), CBT nuggets. I did not have access to any equipmet at all for this exam.
All the info you need is in the book and on the Video. Only one question on one of the least used EAP methods (icon_wink.gif) surprised me.

What I would say to others on the NA track is that I think I took the certs in the right order i.e CCNA, CCNA-Voice, CCNA-Security, CCNA-Wireless. I say this because I get the feeling that the knowledge gained from each cert was relevent in the exam for the next cert if only a little.

Right, wheres that CCNP Route book....?


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