failed A+ OS by 11 pts.

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Took the test today, and failed by 11 pts. It was much harder than the hardware, and I feel that my study guide/textbook was pretty useless for study. My school vends the Thomson ProMetric A+ kit, and though the Hardware was great, the OS tech. was way off target. You could read the book religously, and still not be clued in on the cert test.

Any suggestions for free study sites, etc.?
I've been using ****'s practice tests, but a lot of those seem off target after taking the cert test.

:D I'll kick it's ass in next week, though.


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    I used the Thompson Prometric set of books as contracted by the Air Force and I got a 768.
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    shakedown wrote:
    I took the OS portion and got a 729, but after taking the Hardware practice tests I'm not so sure I will do as well on it.

    Is the Hardware portion not as bad as I think?

    Depends upon what you are able to work more with. Generally (and I mean GENERALLY) most people are board-swappers in their first job, change ram, add PCI cards, etc.. so they tend to get more familiar with hardware.

    There are other people who work more frequently with OS's such as HelpDesk/Support whereby they spend much of their time troubleshooting applications, permissions, etc... and send someone else (in a larger company with their own support) to handle the hardware on location.

    If you do not feel as confident, find some inexpense (or free) used equipment and see if you can break it or not....then fix it :)

    THEN, when you have narrowed down some areas you need help with, post in Hardware/Core forum, and we'll help you out :)
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