Do all testing centers have the same prices?

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There are several testing centers near me, some tech colleges, Prometric, etc. The first one I looked at was $239 IIRC for Network+. Are all testing centers the same price? Is there any way I can get a discount voucher, etc? I live in Central NC and hope to take the test next week.



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    You can actually purchase a voucher and then schedule the exam at the particular test center.
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    Yes exam price is all the same within the same country.
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    make sure you try going to an Official Prometric Testing Facility

    ive been to that was just a prometric test partner, where its a career center(medical assistants training etc) with just one computer in a closet running a cheap P4 and 256mb ram on a horrible CRT. Lagged so bad and froze before i even completed the test.

    i rescheduled to retake it at a test center of my choosing.

    went to an Official Prometric Test center.
    People there are taking GRE/GMAT/CPA and a bunch of other IMPORTANT exams... theres actual security protocols, lockers, sign in, theres dividers between testing spaces with modern computers LCD monitors. Theres Sound blocking runway ground crew ear things as well. theres even a camera above you.

    prettty much going from a 1 to a 10..
    if youre paying the sameprice for a voucher, why not get your money's worth?
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    I know of 2 ways to get cheaper vouchers.

    Option A is to get a J2C voucher, but you must obtain one of these from an educational institution that is a J2C member.

    Option B is to search ebay or other websites and buy it from them. Many people have done this with success (like me for Security+) and there was a recent string of bad vouchers from a website. To my knowledge they all got their money back, but it was a hastle.
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    i've gotten my a+ vouchers for $105 each from the user youre describing after the whole fiasco... he seemed to have been the one getting screwed but he sorted out everything and is a good seller.

    now only if his network+ vouchers were for sale any time soon....people here were getting them for $165!
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    Thanks for all the replies. I wound up paying 210 or something like that, but at least I didn't waste it. Just passed today. :)
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