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After struggling to get a job for a while, I became very depressed and did not have much energy to continue with my studies for further Certs. I did pretty good getting my A+ and N+, and got started with my MCDST studies before giving up. Anyways, things have now finally settled pretty well and I'm looking to get back to my books, but since I'v not been up to date with the books, I have no idea where to start now. Anyways, I am very curious and and anxious to know whats new with MCDST and if it's still a good path to take. I have already gotten some Train Signal videos, Microsoft MCDST books and other programs for my studies earlier. I would really and sincerely appreciate it if anyone could help with any tips or advice you may have. I am not asking for test questions or anything like that, I just want to know what has been added or taken out of the MCDST programs. I work for a networking company and have had the opportunity to work on a lot of different things including Server 08 and a lot of Virtualizations with Servers and Desktops in a domain environment. Please, let me know what you can help with.



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    You want to start on the MCITP :EA/SA cert-wise. You say you have been working with Windows 2008 and Virtualisation so it might be time to start studying something that's enterprise-level and more interesting. You might even start on VMware/Hyper-V based on what you use for virtualisation. I think you need a change with your studies man, you seem to be in a rut.
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