Interview Friday

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I will have my second interview with a company via phone this Friday. Its for a tech support tier 1. He said it would last an hour? Got any idea what we could talk about for an hour? Will this be a technical hour? This is only my second interview in this field. Thanks for any input.


  • jaykoolzboyjaykoolzboy Member Posts: 26 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Just be yourself, and show your professionalism (show that you care and you are looking forward for all the challenges)


    2. Copies of your certifications (if they want you to send it)
    3. Copies of your degree (if apply)
    4. Evidence that you are capable of doing the job (previous emails with customers, appreciation letters etc.............
    5. Dun be too nervous, use proper terms when talk on different subjects (IT field and others)

    If u really know your stuff and willing to challenge yourself, you shouldn't have any problem to land this job. again, professionalism is the key word.

    Good Luck and tell us what's going on later.
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