Are Technotes Sufficient?

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Are the technotes provided in this site sufficient to pass the A+ exams, without reading any extra books.


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    I took the class, I am not certified yet, but I don't think that the technotes are enough. As there is not much on memory, there was a lot of time spent on memory in my class. Of course, this is just what my class was like compared to the technotes. Someone certified would be more help, but I would recomend taking the class as you may retain more knowledge if you have a hard time teaching yourself.
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    A lot will depend on your current level of knowledge, if you've been working in the field for a while and have a fairly broad knowledge then yes they'd most likely be sufficient.

    The best way to tell is to take as many practice tests as you can, I found that when I was consistently scoring around 85 - 90 % on the practice tests that I took I felt ready for the exam.

    Some good advice I was given was that you should study from two sources of study material, that way you'll be likely to have covered most anything that comes up in the exam.
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