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So after reading the exam study guide it say that the below command will enable qos on a mls. A question that I have is, is it possible to enable auto qos/ mls qost trust cos/ip precedence/dscp exclusively per port interface without enabling qos globally by default?

((Switch(config)# mls qos))

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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    If you enable QoS globally, QoS is enabled on all interfaces with the exception of the interfaces where you disabled QoS. If you disable QoS globally, all traffic is passed in QoS pass-through mode.

    mls qos (interface configuration mode)
    Enables the QoS functionality on an interface.
    show mls qos Displays MLS QoS information.

    To enable the quality of service (QoS) functionality on an interface, use the mls qos command in interface configuration command mode. To disable QoS functionality on an interface, use the no form of this command.

    mls qos
    no mls qos
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