VMware Academic Alliance finally available close to me!

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I caught wind of a local technical college nearby gearing up to offer a VMware class for students desiring to earn the VCP certification a couple of months ago. I quickly did some research to determine who was in charge of the program and made contact to express my interest. Just a week or so ago, they informed me all was setup and ready to roll and the course would soon be open for registration. We're slowly switching to vSphere at the office, and both my boss and I have had an interest in pursuing the VCP certification to help out on our resumes as the work environment isn't the best and an employment change would be most welcome, so it looks like he and I will be taking this next year.

There would be no way our employer would cover the course as traditionally offered, so this is excellent news for us. Total cost will end up being just over $400 after the tuition and application fee for the course and texts needed. An additional cost for the exam itself of course, though the course is supposed to include a voucher for a discount on the exam - not sure how much though some research I've done seems like 70% is likely. Not a bad bargain going this route versus 3k or so for a training course. Only disadvantage depending on how you look at it is meeting a night each week for nearly 4 hours for 18 weeks so we will have spend a lot more time waiting to become eligible to meet the training requirements for the VCP although the slower pace might be good for people with little experience so they have more time for it to all sink in.

I'm pretty excited at this point, sent in my registration materials and have gone through the steps needed to prove I meet the pre-requisites through prior education and industry experience. Just awaiting the final confirmation so I can hand them their payment. Pretty sure my employer will end up covering the cost, though if they don't I'll have no issue shelling out a much smaller $400 for the class. Nice that it starts in January too, gives me time to study for some Juniper exams between now and then to get them out of the way too!


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