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Today, I have an interview for a systems engineer position with an IT consulting corporation. Basically its a on-site(antivirus, backups, adds, maintenance, upgrades)/telephone support(enabling accounts, email related issues) role for small-med size businesses.

Question is what is the market pay for such a position given the fact that Im only doing s/w support for a erp software corp and making 45k?

My gamble is that im taking my final mcse exam this weekend in which Im sure I will pass and have worked as systems admin for approx 7 years but wasnt certified until recently.

Secondly, I was appoached by my manager today that he will submit me as a candidate for IIS admin for the same s/w support corp since we host other people data on vericenter. The pay will be more but will not know how much until management and corp approve of the job role and description.

What to do?
What next?


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    Normally, I print out a salary estimate from They give an accurate accountability of how much a job should pay. It also will take in consideration things such as experience, geographic location, and education to factor the salary for a job title.
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    yeah i did recently and it was right on the nose
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    Hehehe, that was one of the most amusing things i have ever seen in my whole life.

    I started filling out all the information to get an estimated salary quote, going page to page filling in everything. THen I got to the page wanting me to enter my credit card number to get the report.

    Naturally I closed that browser window faster than you can see "yea right"

    Then a pop up window managed to pop up in FIrefox, and said "Wait! just for visting will give it to you for free, no strings attached!"

    LMAO! icon_lol.gif I ended up getting it for free just as I intended.

    Accoridng to it, I am underpayed, big suprise icon_twisted.gif
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