Failed 299 again

I retook the 299 again today and made a 571 which is almost 200 points higher than last time but it's not enough. All my bars were over 50%. The questions were for the most part friendlier than the last. I think I'm getting tripped up on some of the scenarios that are non-standard in most environments due to the Security Policy in the scenarios. I'm not sure the way to word that thought, but if you know what I'm talking about, please PM me with some advice. I think the number of questions being 35 is hurting me too since each question counts more.

I've used the MS Press book and measureup questions included, CBTNuggets, UCertify questions, 298 Sybex book, and some free online resources. If you have any other suggestions on what to look at, let me know. I did very well on the Ucertify questions but I still have trouble with the measureup ones. Is the Transcender for this exam very helpful? Has anyone taken the 70-351 and was that more straightforward? I'm also thinking about just getting the SSCP later this year and using that for the other elective. Thoughts? Thank you for any info or advice.


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