UM thoughts?

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Hey guys,

Google fail here. Plus I wouldn't mind some input on this from anyone with experience.

We have a client who is running Exchange 2007. They are currently a Cisco phone shop also. They were using some weird VM system. I imagine it's some sort of re-branded Asterisk solution. The device blew out and cost them a bunch of saved VM, greetings etc. They were kinda pissed about this.

Their internal IT guy never thought to back it up. So anyhow. My boss wants to know if we should walk in an sell them a Unity Connection system or Exchange UM for their systems. They won't go outside the Cisco/Microsoft/Dell family of products.

1) Can I we use Exchange 2010 UM and leave their Exchange 2007 system in place?
2) Any experience with Unity Connection vs. Exchange in terms of call automated assistants? They like to make changes often to their dial by number system so the more user friendly the better.

Anyhow, any other input is also welcomed.


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