685 + 686 = 680 knowledge?

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Quick question: Would studying for the 685 and 686 prepare me for the 680? I'd like to take all 3, but I'm cheap so I'm forcing myself to stick to a limited budget as far as real books are concerned. I guess what I'm asking is: Is the combined knowledge gained from 685 and 686 equal to what would be required for the 680?


  • QHaloQHalo Member Posts: 1,488
    Many others in this forum have stated that reading both the 685 and the 686 books have HELPED them with the 680 but looking over what's covered in both those exams is not enough to go 680 alone with just those. The 680 is a tough exam and many will attest to this, just search the forums for failures on it. Since I've started looking into the 680, I've been going through the 685/6 objectives and even reading Darril Gibson's book because quite a few of the passers have stated that that material has helped them. Don't skimp on the material. A failed exam costs more than the book.
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    Aside from the numerous errors, the 680 MS press is alright. I found that studying the 685 helped with the 680 and vice versa.
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