70-271 Study guides and SP2

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Am looking for study guides for the 70-271 exam. Seems like most of the study guides I've seen at the bookstores (70-270, 70-271, etc.) were published before SP2 came out. How much of the 70-270, 70-271 and even 70-272 exam questions specifically cover SP2? I just don't want to buy any outdated study guides.

Did use ExamCram2 and even the ExamCram2 Practice questions for when I took Network+ (exam N10-002). Even Network+ for Dummies was a big help! Any ideas on the best study books for the 70-271 exam? I would like to start at a basic level, build up my knowledge from there, and of course, pass the exam!


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    when i purchased a study guide I also ran into the sp2 problem with the older books. i did not see any sp2 questions on 271 but there were many on 272. My advice is just go to microsoft's site and research everything new about sp2, especially the added security center functions. There seemed to be quite a few questions on the 272 concerning printing issues related to security center and sp2. Anyway, I studied my guide and did not know a thing about sp2 and still managed to pass the 272 with an 850, so you dont need to know that much about it. Just use common sense and deductive reasoning!
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