Windows 7 Cert Update

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Hey everyone, so the last few weeks have been awesome fun.

Sorry for being so slow with replies, life is hectic right now! I have been doing 10-12 hour study and lab sessions since my pass until just yesterday morning. Passed my 70-685 and 70-686, I was surprised that the EDA took me 30 minutes and I passed with a 900+ score.

All of the questions are concepts I actually dealt with within my labs and real life, same with the 685 but my weakness in "having sleep the day of the exam" got me a lousy..

Well, a pass is a pass. Grr. Damn "Mobile Users" criteria. Ahah.

In short; If you have the Msoft press books, lab -everything-. Do it over and over. I found it useful to setup WSUS/WDS on my local network just so I could save time imaging my computers and VM's over and over. (I love multi port NIC's for this, sure it's not 1000 clients at once, but I managed 10-20 on my beast of a workstation) Also, if you don't already use a DC as a hobbyist, learn to do it- A lot of the networking portions required some form of Domain Controller, I just used my Asus Netbook to run the DC.

~Lab like crazy, every day
~Read the books (I recommend Msoft Press for all 3 exams, for each exam. Read all 3 and know all 3 before even taking the 680)
~Read these forums, every solution learned from here has aided me somehow.
~Read Technet, especially in Active Directory and Deployment best practices.
~Understand basics about AD for Server 2008R2, I am serious. I was freaked out by how much server stuff was involved.
~Have experience to ensure a 900+ score.

If anyone has any questions regarding Enterprise level deployments or troubleshooting, shoot away I'll do my best, albeit I warn you- I respond slowly, so make them good questions.


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    Nicely done congrats. I think 70-680 is more involved than the others so far. I am going for 70-680 an then 70-685.
    Killermac :)
    A+;Net+;XP,MCP, Security+, Win 7: 70-680
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    The 70-680 was horribly hard because, well, the material and actual changes Msoft made to W7 was a lot of new knowledge to learn. The UI is so simple to people that it's easy for even techs like us to realize how complex and detailed the OS is, thus giving the illusion, like the Vista exam, that it's all "Easy".

    The 680 was far more difficult than the 685 and 686, I see it as a huge trial and mountain of knowledge to hike, then the 685/6 are the rest stops at the bottom.

    tl;dr- 680 is a foundation, the latter are specializations either in Troubleshooting said systems or Administering them.

    Next step; Either take a week and do the MCDST combo (MCP title as well) and then continue into MCITP:EA. That one will be the 6-8 month trial through hell; I hate AD with a passion. :):Dicon_lol.gif
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