Pondering getting Sec+

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I'm wondering if this cert is worth it for somebody who has about 5 years experience in IT, currently working as an 'IT Specialist' in which I basically do network and system administration stuff. Should I maybe just skip ahead to RHCE or MCITP? Kinda trying to get an idea of where to go from where I'm at currently.


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    It doesn't hurt to reinforce the skills you already have via studying for this exam; taking it is something definitely something to think about. Are you working for a Microsoft or Cisco Partner? Will your company be paying for your training or is it out of pocket?

    At the current stance, you would be placed in the CE (continuing education) program and would have to either take the exam every 3 years or attain CEUs to maintain this cert (on top of an annual fee of $49 a year).

    In terms of ROI from a DoD 8570 stance, IAT II employees are required to have this, SCNP, SSCP or GSEC within 6 months of hire. Of the four, Sec+ would definitely be the quickest to attain and the cheapest (at least at first).

    If you are planning to grab advanced certs, the ROI (fiscally not mentally) on Sec+ will most likely go way down, simply because you'd be paying an annual fee and keeping with CEUs or taking an entry level exam every 3 years just to keep up with an entry level certification.

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    At this point I have read one Security+ book and am thinking about buying the Darril Gibson book.

    Here is my dilemma,

    My ultimate goal is to combine my Linux and security skills for an admin or security job somewhere down the road. That being said, do you think Security+ would be a good first step? I'm also looking into RHCE or RHCSA certs on the Linux side of things.
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    Are you also pondering trying to take over the world?

    Sorry, not very often that you can make a pinky and the brain joke.

    I think this test is very worth it and is a great thing to slap on your resume. Plus if you are using Darril Gibson's book, it should be one of the easier exams that you need to take. Opens up doors to a whole new field. DG's book is like $30 and that is well worth the price of the book, plus it comes with hundreds of practice questions.

    I read the book, passed the test, and now have misplaced the book. But I'm still very tempted to rebuy it. It is that good.
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    I work for Department of Defense and it is required for most IT folks. I always see a SEC+ book on peoples desks.
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    If I were you I would focus on the ISC2 CISSP cert instead. You have most of the requirements for CISSP status. I have both certs and while the Security+ is nice to have, especially as a lifetime cert, it is considered an entry-level cert. It isn't wise to pay an annual fee and obtain CE credits to maintain an entry-level cert. especially if you are going to obtain a CISSP or other higher-level certs as well.
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