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In the corperate IT world if you want to get ahead you have to talk the talk and sell yourself and your ideas to the upper management. They want to hear solutions,not questions. You have to translate our linquistics to something that they can understand enough to make a "proposal." I know we all hate all the politics involved in corperate envirements, but sadly I am begining to think its time to give in. Use words like "global image", "Cynergy", and "proactive client-focused business solutions." Even though its all BS....it will turns heads and management will listen.

user cant view everything they need in mfgpro= Interface issues

moving three databases to one server = utilizing existing hardware to limit expense and centralize management.

If your database server goes down for a few minutes and you had to do something very simple to fix it. Mention it...even if noone noticed (within reason). "We had some issues with the shipping log database hardware earlier, but i was able to resolve the issue without affecting the end user...we might need to consider purchasing (blah blah blah)"

I was asked to convert an mfgpro database to access and setup a server for a location in singapore.. but what was actually said to me was and i quote:

"We are goin to moving a larger customer base through our location in singapore. We need to resolve a few interface issues we are having by hosting the database in a more economical location to promote a better purchasing envirement for the consumer"

If you dont know what someone means...dont say "what do you mean" say, "im not sure i quite follow you, could you please provide more details?"

Maybe this is just me being mad that it is like that....haha who knows... it is just how i feel.....
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    welcome to the real world, dude :D
    BTW, which side are you in? end user or the provider?
    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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    Provider. Yea, i guess i just had a realization at that moment. Im off to work on a few interface issues with the customer-based data entry point so i can promote a positive global image and help realize the big-picture. :P
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