Need Assistance with Virtual Lab

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I'm currently studying for the 70-680 exam and was seeing if anyone could help me out in setting up a decent virtual lab on a iMac. It's the only machine I can really use as I doubt my laptop could handle it. My iMac is a 2210 model and currently has 2 GB of memory. I'm planning on upgrading the memory this week to 4GB.

Does Virtualbox run pretty well on one? I don't really know of any others to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and to give you some background, I already taken the test once and failed with an abyssmal 512. I just bought the transcender study material thinking it would be pretty easy considering the last MS test I took was back in 2002. Boy was I wrong.

I'm also using Don Poulton's book as my primary study material.


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