When a job posting say "familiarity with Novell environment" does it mean...

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SUSE Linux Enterprise, Netware or both? I'm not familiar with Novell right now but I'm looking to expand my horizon. Doing a quick research on Netware seems to tell me that Netware is on its way to obsolescence. Is that true?


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    I don't know of too many places that run the newer versions and would say "familiarity" in the job description. I would think if their environment was not moving away from Novell, that they would specifically ask for Novell experience and what versions. Most places just want to know if you can walk in and learn it long enough to help them get rid of it.
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    Well, it doesn't say familiarity but "skills and knowledge" without mentioning anything specific about versions. Thing is, I applied for that post and Novell is the only skill I don't have from the other stuff they needed. I was wondering if I could still get hired even if I don't correspond 100%.
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    If you fulfill like 80% of the requirements, apply. Just be honest with them if they ask. I would highly doubt that a place would be upset that you don't have Novell experience unless your job entails supporting the infrastructure aspects. If they're talking client, then that's not that difficult to pickup.
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    NetWare is out. Novell is forcus on Linux OSE right now. Do you know GroupWise, iManager, iPrint, or eDirectory concept? Mostly Novell is your backend system and Windows Client run on top of everything. Technically, they want to make you know how to implement or integrate both system when come to troubleshooting.
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