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Need some clarification. Is spanning-tree uplinkfast needed only when running PVST?


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    You don't have to use it unless you need less than 30 seconds of convergence time. RSTP would be preferred if it is supported by the hardware.
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    Sorry I should've been more specific with my question. I was referring to PVST with UplinkFast compared to Rapid PVST or say MST with enabling UplinkFast. If I'm running Rapid PVST or MST, would enabling UplinkFast be redundant? I hope my question is making sense.
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    I can't remember the specifics for MSTs ports, its been a while since I learnt anything for it and used it. However for RSTP, Uplinkfast is a bit redundant as there is already the Alternate port role, which does pretty much the same job.
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    Enabling uplinkfast won't do anything if you are running RSTP. I guess you could say it would be redundant.
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