Downloadable ACLs?

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hey guys,

Google fail here.

Does anyone have a good link explaining down-loadable ACLs?

edit: What I am looking for more or less is, "this is what it looks like in environment A" etc. I can find command guides no problem. But looking for more real world application.



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    Hmm. There's not a lot of documentation explaining it out there on the net. But I'll give my best explenation as we use it at work.

    DACLs work in conjunction with the Cisco ACS. It is used to apply restrictions dynamically to a large amount of devices.

    So lets say you have Administrator A with restrictions XYZ. User logs into the device and authenticates with his RADIUS/TACACS account. The Cisco ACS then sends an access list to the device being logged into with the appropriate restrictions. These DACLs can be created by individual user or group.

    When you work at a large company, (my company has 60k+ employees), it makes management to resources easier. Rather than logging into every device and defining access lists, restricting or permitting employees / administrators to access resources. You can create a DACL that will be pushed to the devices as needed.
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