VRFs stuck...

mattsthe2mattsthe2 Member Posts: 304
Is its possible to plug a bunch of L2 ports into a 6509 assign them to say VLAN 22.

Create a new VRF say "DMZ"..
Create the SVI interface vlan 22.

I know VRF is a L3 feature but i wasn't sure if you could attach L2 ports (as mentioned above to a VRF?

I hope im explaining that well enough.


  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    Yes you can do that. We use it a lot for our voip stuff.

    The L2 ports aren't in the VRF technically, but since their gateway is its the same thing as using router on a stick with a VRF.
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  • mattsthe2mattsthe2 Member Posts: 304
    Thanks for that.

    I'm going to be working with Security, and their concern is that this VLAN and a few others is totally secure, so in the VRF i was just going to create a default route to the Firewall for that VRF.
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