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Hi all

I just passed my Server+ exam and i get the certification.
Well my route now is Linux world.
when searching on internet : Comptia linux+ , LPIC , RHCE , Novel so many certification are there , i found my self loosed .
My job is IT servers & workstation specialist so i'm searching to develop my self.
Know i need to obtain or to master linux ,i've no experience on linux but i want to move to the linux world.

Could you advice me on a study guide to follow ?



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    I say start with Linux +

    from what i have read you can do the Comptia Linux+ and also get LPIC-1 at the same time.

    From there you can go forward but this would be a good place to start
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    Thx Kferg for your reply

    Well by searching n internet Comptia Linux+ and Lpi are same we canhave them n one exam. CompTIA Linux+

    it's sounf great , but i'm searching a materiel , i'm asking the community for help which book to read , is cbt video good , or testout xk0-002 it's old i know.

    So please need an advice ?
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    1. It is very important how you use Linux. If you use it to just consume content, it won't help your goals. Do more system administration tasks on daily basis in your home/school lab. If you've never worked on Linux before, it might be of great help to go over and lab some of the general guides into Linux before going for the exam prep itself.
    2. Having said that, I would definitely consider Sobell's two titles on Ubuntu and Red Hat, both are great for someone familiar with linux who hasn't reached the level required for LPIC-1/Linux+. These days I am reading a great guide on Ubuntu Server: Ubuntu 10.10 Server: Administration and Reference (9781936280063): Richard Petersen: Books
    so you might consider that title as an intro into admin- level linux. "Ubuntu Unleashed" also seems like a great read if you don't like the straight-to-the-point efficient language of the above title. Of course, plenty of freebies on the net for admin-level linux, go over Deployment Guide on Red Hat's site, their guides are now available in the ePub format as well which helps if you have an eReader of the likes of nook or Kindle. Other Linux- oriented companies published great free guides into administration of their respective distros like Novell, above- mentioned Red Hat and Canonical so you might want to check their websites for intro literature first.
    3. After you go over few of those guides (mind they should be of varying Linux flavors, say a Red Hat-oriented distro guide and a Debian-based distro guide at least), you'll be able to choose the exam guide. My personal favorite is O'Reilly's guide, but there are at least three others to choose from so it'll come down to personal preference. None of them will cover what you need to know 100%, so be sure to check the LPIC and Red Hat list of resources compiled at this forum's LPIC and Red Hat's corner.
    Have fun on your linux journey!
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