study timetable?

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Does anyone have any good tips on time management? I was thinking maybe I could use the calendar in Google Mail to create some form of study timetable? Like have defined slots for different study topics? Schedule some time in for review/summary - that kinda thing?

I'm very good at procrastination, but if I know that I have say 1 hour on Tuesday morning, or whatever....and get a reminder...then I would be more inclined to follow the plan!

Anyone else feel like this?!

Cheers Jason


  • kevin31kevin31 Member Posts: 154

    check out this site its all free

    in60days | Pass Your Exams in 60 Days

    gives some good guidle lines on what to study when.

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    Figure out how many hours a week you can dedicate to studying. Divide that time throughout the week that works with your schedule. When you study, stay away from your PC/MAC! If you have a question, write it down and ask here later. The key is to have quality study. How many people study/facebook/skype/eat/text all at the same time? You get the picture.
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