Passed Network+ 05/17/2011

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Thanks to the users here in this forum for the posts and advice. It is my first certification, there was definately a mini-panic attack before the test but after relaxing everything went smoothly. Scored a 862/900.

Here are some the methods I used. I wanted a physical textbook for reference so I bought the Mike Meyer's book. Read that. Watched all of the Professor Messer's videos, a great tool. Also read Lammle's book from Sybex, the depth he provides is outstanding. While more "dry" than Meyer's book, it seems to provide a much more detailed/technical background than Meyer's. I took my time with Lammle's book, taking proper notes, doing all of the end of chapter exams, written exams, etc.

I tried to structure out my studying time. At least a chapter a day, no more than 2. Anything more than that and my eyes were reading but I wouldn't soak in any more information. Generally took about 2-3 hours a day. Periodically, I would review everything thus far.

I focused on practice exams as soon as I finished. I did everything I could get my hands on, then copied the questions I missed or had problems with. Then, researched the question and answered it for myself.

Some of the challenges I had was realizing my limits. At first, I would study hardcore, like 5-6 hours nonstop, but after a couple of hours, I noticed I would alt-tab to facebook, mess with Pandora, was just overall distracted. There was a post, where someone mentioned 50-10-50 rule. Study for 50 minutes, 10 break (or however long, study for 50 minutes. I used this (with a timer) and I became much more focused and efficient.

Sure I think this process was overkill, but I think we owe it to ourselves to study our craft in such a way that ensures learning the material, not just memorizing for the certification and then forgetting it once the danger has passed.

I hope this helps those who are pursuing Network+! Next up is CCENT/CCNA!


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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    I want to thank you for such an informative post. Never heard of the 50 10 50. I really need to apply this because I too find my eyes just reading but my mind wanders.
    And of course congrats on the pass!
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    Interesting. I've read the Mike Meyers book and did the practice test on the CD. I've also watched the majority of the CBT nuggets, about to finish those up soon. I did a practice exam and saw a number of things I hadn't seen explored much in the Mike Meyers book so I ordered the Lammle sybex kit today. You've made me glad I did. I'm hoping to take the exam some time the second week in June.

    Is there a practice exam you used and/or recommend?
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    Sorry for the late response,
    The practice tests that I did were from the Sybex deluxe edition. There were a number of them that really helped. There were a lot of practice exams, like 6 at 50 questions each. After the 3rd one, they got a little repetitive. I also used their flash cards which helped a bit.

    If there are no practice tests don't sweat it, if I had to do it over again I would have bought a voucher from somewhere that offered practice tests with it. I'm sure there are good recommendations around her on the forums.
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    So after having read Mike Meyers Network+ book and watching the majority of the CBT nuggets, I took a practice test and was unhappy with the knowledge gained from those two mediums.

    I recently purchased the Sybex Network+ kit that comes with three books, one being from Todd Lammle....what a world of difference. I think it did help to start with the first set of studying, as Mike Meyers book is fairly easy to read and gets you started in grasping a lot of things. The Sybex kit has, seemingly, so much more information and waaaay more end of chapter testing (the end of chapter testing is amazingly thorough and helpful). I'm feeling much more confident about taking my test in a week or two having picked up this kit.
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