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Im currently building the INE lab, which requires 2610xm and 2611xm routers, will the 2621xm router that i have replace either of these so i dont have to buy a 2610xm or 2611xm?


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    you know when it comes to routers you don't have to build an exact hardware match. As long as what ever router you use has the correct interfaces, enough ram and flash to run 12.4 with all the options then your good. I use virtual 3725 routers running 12.4. the main thing is trying to get the switches you can use 3550s but you will lack some features but they will work. Most people mix the switchs 2 3560s with 2 3550s.

    your overall budget will determine how you work out all the hardware. also as food for thought i was bidding on a 3750 that looked like it was dropped off the 2nd floor of a building it still closed at $1300.00. Needless to say way out of my range :)
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    i picked up a 3750 24 ts--e for 700 and a 3750 24 ps-s (which i will upgrade) for 700 as well today on ebay
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    JZegers wrote: »
    i picked up a 3750 24 ts--e for 700 and a 3750 24 ps-s (which i will upgrade) for 700 as well today on ebay

    Thats a pretty darn good start man. I have an INE lab..mine is basically like this
    R1-2620xm w/ 2 x wic-1T
    R2-2620xm x/ 2 x wic-1T
    R3 - 2611 w nm4/as ---blah i know..but it works ok
    R4-6 are all 3640's with basically 2 x FA cards and nm4a/s's
    BB1 is a 2620xm with nm8/as
    bb2 is 2509
    bb3 is a 2509
    sw1 is 3560
    sw2-4 are 3550

    I am pretty much proof you can run INE's topo on antique ****. Do I have to get creative sometimes....sure. But I get all the topics studied and this rack does 95% of what they want me to do.

    I dont see why that 2621 wouldnt work in place of the 11. They basically just use it for the 2 FE interfaces I think. Good luck man, like I said before the 3750's are a great start.
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    2621xm's will work fine. Hell, I have a few 3640's in my topology, as long as it runs an IOS with the right feature set and has at least the right amount of interfaces, you're good
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