Working my way back to Jersey or North Carolina

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So I have had enough of the weather and life style in Arizona. I miss the family and the east coast. I have two oppt. on the east coast. One in Jersey and one in North Carolina. Hoping to hear to get either of them this way the family and I can be close to each other again. I do not know how fathers do it being away from their children.
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    What parts of North Carolina & New Jersey?
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    If you miss being away from your kids I would pick Jersey since although nc isnt as far away as AZ it's still far away. It gets pretty warm in nc too, and I know people who say the humidity makes it seem warmer here in the summer months compared to az.
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    Dear God why would you want to come back to Jersey? If I had the opportunity I'd be looking to move my family out of here.
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    Interesting because I just moved from New Jersey to Texas several weeks ago.

    Can't say I miss Jersey 1 bit ;).... although I also dont have a family to care for.
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    North Carolina is hot also. The last 3 days it has been 94 and humid. I would stay away from Fayettville, its the ghetto.
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    Left South Jersey 19 years ago for Illinois. Looking to get back east now and even Jersey is looking good.
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    It's funny how this thread came up when I was in the middle of moving from my off-campus housing from my previous college in upstate New York back to New Jersey yesterday. I have to say the thought of being in Jersey is nice, but at the same time, it's pretty stressful living here. It's not what I have hoped for. I live in the ghetto, and I have been living here my entire life. I am definitely thinking about moving out when I hit the mother lode, but again, the downside of living further away from the city (or should I say greater metropolitan area) is that you may not get to have the convenience access to public transportations again. If I stay here, then I can still enjoy my one-hour bus trip to Manhattan literally any time I want. I am still young and broke, so pretty much, living in the city is my best option in case my car ever break down. I can get pretty much most things I need on foot within 5-mile radius.

    I want to move south someday to see what it is like to live there, since I am getting tired of the damn cold during the winter here.
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    Go back to New Jersey? Spend more on everything while **** away a third of your life in traffic? All while having to keep an eye peeled for backstabbers, scammers and the abundance of d-bags?

    Oh my...
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