Do you have to get a 83% to pass?

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Now that I review my practice exams and how the exam is scored...worth 900 pts/100 questions...9 pts per question..comes out to roughly 83.33%

Is that correct? I thought most test have a 70% grading scale?


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    When I took my test, it said that certain questions were worth more then others. To my surprise it said some questions are thrown in the exam only for CompTIA evaluation purposes. Meaning these questions aren't worth any points at all. This is all stated on the user agreement before one begins the test.
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    Maybe but it isn't said.

    Yes the exam is out of 900, and yes you need a 750. But the method that CompTIA uses is not disclosed. Some questions don't count at all because they are test questions. Others could potentially carry more weight. Normally I strive to have a score on Transcender of 90%+ but if it is in the 80's I won't freak out.
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    Darrill's book says exactly that - you need to get 83% which means you need to get 83 of the questions correct. But the rest of their formula where they weight questions for their point value, is a CompTIA secret. I thought the threshold was 70% too and I didn't start sweating till I realized the threshold is 83%.
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