KMS client limit question

I've been working on a project at work involving KMS.

I just read in an MS article that each KMS host allows an unlimited number of activations. Also, I have had a hard time finding out the maximum number of Vista Clients that can be activated by our KMS server at work.

If you own a KMS license, can you really activate an unlimited number of clients? How does Microsoft make money if you can buy a KMS license and then activate as many clients as you want? I understand how the product groups work (i.e. you buy the Server 2008 volume license, which entitles you to also activate Vista Clients).

That can't be right, can it?

If there IS a limit to the number of clients you can activate, how can you tell how many activations you have left out of your quota? (I know if you use slmgr.vbs you can see once you've hit the threshold of 25).



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    AFAIK there's no hard limit. After a certain (very large) amount it would be best to add a second KMS server for performance reasons, though.
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